How to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding

Hooray, you’re engaged! As you imagine what it will be like to share your big day with your closest friends and family, don’t forget about that furry friend who’s been there for you through thick and thin — your dog. Wondering how to include your dog in your wedding? Read on for ideas!

Add Your Dog to Your Wedding Party

If your dog is exceptionally well-trained, you can consider adding him to your wedding party! He can stand beside you as an attendant, you can give him a special role as the ring bearer by attaching a pillow or other container to his collar, or you can have him carry a clever sign that matches your aesthetic. If you have any concerns about his ability to follow commands during the ceremony, consider having a friend walk him down the aisle on a leash.

How to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding

Include Your Dog as a Chaperoned Guest

Your dog can also attend the wedding as a guest, and join you for photos after the ceremony! This is a low-pressure way to make sure he’s involved in this life-changing event, and you still have an excuse to dress him up in some adorable doggy formalwear!

How to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding

Have Photos Taken Together While You’re Getting Ready

If your venue isn’t pet friendly or you just don’t want to have to worry about your pup during all the big events, including him during the getting-ready portion of your day is a fun, more relaxed option.

How to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding

Feature Your Dog on Your Wedding Stationery

Even if he’s not well-trained enough to attend the actual ceremony, you can honor your dog’s place in your life (and in your growing family) by including him on your personalized save the dates, wedding invitations, or other wedding stationery!

mountain wedding invitation with dog

mountain wedding invitation with dog

Make your wedding stationery a little more custom and a little more “you” by including your dog in the design.

wedding thank you card with dog

I’ve got lots of designs to which you can add your furry friend(s), for little or no extra charge. Check them all out here!

Don’t Forget the Details

While it’s totally possible to include your dog in your wedding, don’t forget about a few practical considerations:

  • Be sure to discuss your plans to include your dog with your photographer, coordinator, venue, and anyone else who may need to come prepared! You don’t want to find out that the officiant is highly allergic when he’s sneezing through your vows.

  • You won’t have the ability to act as your dog’s caregiver during the wedding, so recruit an animal-loving friend or family member to be in charge for the duration of the day. Choose someone your dog is already comfortable with, or spend time getting them familiarized long before the big day.
  • Arrange to bring food, water, and treats for your furry friend! Most wedding cake is not Fido-friendly.
  • Be sure to make arrangements for your dog’s care after the ceremony. Is he going to a kennel for the week while you’re on your honeymoon? Is he headed back home where a friend will check in on him? Is he joining you in the getaway car? Figure out the logistics ahead of time and put someone in charge of carrying out your plans!