How to use Pinterest to plan your wedding (without the overwhelm)

When I was planning my wedding back in 2012, Pinterest was still pretty new on the scene, and certainly hadn’t blown up in popularity like it has today. It wasn’t a part of my wedding planning journey (in fact, I’m not sure I had even heard of it yet!).

These days, you can hop straight to Pinterest as soon as you have a ring in your finger (maybe sooner!) and have tons of inspiring photos ready and waiting!

This seems like a fabulous tool….until you end up with 5,000 wedding pins, no clear planning direction, and a giant case of overwhelm!

Sound familiar?

Here’s how you can use Pinterest to your advantage as you plan:

  1. Carve out a few hours and go crazy pinning anything and everything that appeals to you. Keep it all on one board for now.
  2. Take a look at the board full of pins and look for themes. Do most of these pins show an outdoor wedding vs. indoor? Are the groomsmen in most of these pictures wearing full suits? Have you been drawn to fresh flower centerpieces? Make a note of any themes you see, and allow those to guide you in choosing your colors, type of venue, and the general vibe of your big day.
  3. It may be useful to select a few key words to describe your aesthetic to help guide your planning as you move forward: “Eclectic Woodsy Fairytale” or “Classic Minimalist in Nature” for example.
  4. Once you’ve established your aesthetic, go back to your Pinterest board and remove anything that doesn’t fall within that theme. This will help you get a clear visual of what you’re going for.
  5. It’s easier to pick out themes when everything is together on one board, but now it’s time to separating pins according to areas of planning. Categories might include Wedding Dress, Venue Decor, Centerpieces, Bouquets, Attendant Clothing, etc. Copy or move your pins to the appropriate board.
  6. As you continue to research more specific ideas and images for these categories, keep your themes/aesthetic in mind and only pin what you can realistically see as part of your wedding.
  7. Once you’ve nailed down what you are definitely going to incorporate in your big day, delete the options you decided against!

Start broad, narrow it down, delete what you won’t use — that’s the key!

Happy pinning 🙂

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