Planning a mountain wedding? What better way to showcase what’s in store for your guests than to send out stunning mountain wedding invitations!

Invitations are the perfect way to send a preview of what they can expect on your big day.  Fun, formal, simple, intricate — Wild Blue Weddings has mountain wedding invitations for every style. Options range from just $2.70 to $5.50 per set, so you’ll find something that fits your budget, too!

Deluxe Mountain Invitations

$3.95 – $5.50 per invitation set

Rustic Mountain Wedding Invitations

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These invitations are stunning in their simplicity — just like the mountains you love so much. Matching mountain envelope liners give this invitation suite a unique and extra-special touch from the moment it’s opened.

Blue Ridge Mountains Invitations

mountain wedding invitations

Designed to capture the breathtaking beauty of East Coast mountain ranges like the Adirondacks or the Blue Ridge Mountains, these mountain invitation sets are stylish and clean. Matching party lights will give your guests a sneak peek of the fun that they’ll have at your celebration!

Simple & Elegant Mountain Wedding Invitations

$2.70 – $4.00 per invitation set

Mountain Bike Wedding Invitations

mountain bike wedding invitations

If you’re the kind of couple who has bonded over mountains and biking, this is the invitation set for you! You’ll be sure to set a fun, playful tone for your mountain-themed wedding — a personal vibe that guests will love.

Mountain Elegance Wedding Invitations

Mountain Wedding Invitation Sets

Silhouettes of an elegant wedding couple add a personalized touch to these playful invitations. Figures can even be customized to look like you and your sweetie for a small additional charge, guaranteeing a completely one-of-a-kind design.

The mountain wedding invitations on this list are a great place to start, but don’t worry if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for! We believe every bride should enjoy a wedding as unique as her love story. We’ll gladly modify these designs to suit your needs, and we can also put together a custom package to fit your budget. Just send an email to julia [at] with your ideas and we’ll get back to you soon!

Shop all wedding invitation designs here. Be sure to check out my other unique mountain designs while you’re at it: skiing, camping, paddling, and more!