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Planning a mountain wedding? You must be a bride after my own heart! I live in Colorado with the Rockies in my backyard, so I completely understand the stunning, awe-inspiring majesty of the mountains. What better backdrop for the biggest day of your life?

Mountain brides often have some of the same questions as they begin the planning process, so I’ve put together links to all my best wedding planning blog posts here to help you get your answers!


When should I send out my Save the Dates?

Ahh, the age old question. You don’t want to send them out so soon that guests are waiting two years for the big day, but you also want to give them enough time to make arrangements to join you. I talk about all the factors you need to consider in this post so you can make your decision with confidence!


How can I prepare my guests for an amazing experience in the mountains?

mountain wedding planning

Getting married in the mountains gives your guests the chance to experience the natural beauty and wonder that can’t be found anywhere else — but you want to make sure they can fully enjoy their time. That’s why you need to make sure they are prepared for factors like altitude, weather, and more. Check out this post for 7 things you should tell your guests in advance.


Should we get married close to home, or choose a destination?

Destination weddings can be a dream come true, but they’re not the best choice for everyone. If you’re on the fence, take a look at this post where I outline the pros and cons of each side. Spoiler alert: there’s no right or wrong, but you definitely want to make sure you make the choice that’s right for YOU.


I want to get married outdoors — what venue options do I have?

mountain wedding planning

You’re a nature-lover, so it’s no surprise that you want to get married outdoors! There are actually more venue options for outdoor ceremonies and receptions than you might think, so one is sure to fit your personality and desired aesthetic. You can read about 8 different outdoor wedding venues in this post. If you’re planning a Colorado wedding, be sure to check out my list of the best Colorado mountain wedding venues, too!

(Oh, and make sure you’re not making these outdoor wedding planning mistakes while you’re at it!)


Can customized mountain wedding invitations fit in my budget?

colorado mountain wedding invitations

In a word…..yes!! I know you want to choose amazing invitations that showcase your passion for the outdoors, but you may not have an arm and a leg to spend. That’s why I offer a wide range of invitation styles at all price points (without sacrificing that special mountain flavor you’re looking for). This post will show you some of the most popular options, from minimal to deluxe and everything in between.


How can I add more mountain flavor to my ceremony and reception?

Whether you’re planning an epic romantic soiree or a laidback event with rustic charm, you can never have too much mountain flavor! I gathered a collection of some of my favorite handmade mountain-themed products in this post to use throughout your big day — from guest book alternatives to favors and attendant gifts and more. You can also include a nod to the mountains in the background by adding these songs to your wedding playlist.


My dog is part of the family. How can I include him in my mountain wedding?

How to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding

It’s amazing how pets can carve out permanent places in our hearts! If you can’t imagine planning such a life-changing event without your four-legged friend along for the ride, this post is for you. There can be a place for your dog in your wedding!


Should we honeymoon at our wedding destination?

Honeymooning at your wedding destination can be a convenient, economical option……but there are some drawbacks to that plan you may not have considered. Be sure to read this post before you book your trip!

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