With the cost of the average wedding rising steadily, it’s no surprise that many couples are taking some time to regroup their finances after getting married before jetting off on a traditional honeymoon.

If you’re one of the couples who has decided to postpone (or skip) your honeymoon, why not consider indulging in a mini moon? Instead of taking a long, exotic trip, you can enjoy just a few days somewhere closer. You’ll still get the benefit of relaxation and one-on-one quality time together as you begin this new chapter of your life — but your bank account won’t have to suffer!

These mini moon ideas will help you plan a trip that is still relaxing, romantic, and all about YOU.

Keep it local.


Romantic Mini Moon Ideas

Ever heard of a staycation? You can become a tourist in your own town by booking a room, making reservations at the fanciest restaurants you’ve never been to, and seeing some of the local sights that make your hometown unique. The best part? Zero travel costs.

If you do plan to travel, stick to locations within driving distance.


Romantic Mini Moon Ideas

Airfare will eat through your budget in no time at all, so consider destinations that are within a couple hours from you by car. If you want to make it a more exciting drive, consider renting a car with more bells and whistles than the one you currently drive — and enjoy the new car smell while you’re at it! Or, think outside the box and rent a camper van or vintage VW bus!

Take it outside.


Romantic Mini Moon Ideas

If you’re an outdoorsy, adventurous couple, you may find that a glamorous resort honeymoon isn’t really your thing anyway. A mini moon might make perfect sense, since you can easily take a few days off to get in touch with nature (and each other) for a hiking and/or camping trip. There’s nothing more romantic than curling up together under the stars! 

Think beyond hotels.


Romantic Mini Moon Ideas Glamping

You can find fantastic deals on a few romantic nights away at a cabin, AirBnB, glamping resort, or traditional bed and breakfast. No, it won’t be a resort in Mexico, but it may be just what you need for a few low-key days away together to connect and unwind after you tie the knot.

Search for deals and discounts.


Romantic Mini Moon Ideas

Try using search terms like “Romantic Weekend Getaways” or “Couples Retreat” or “Anniversary Package”, along with your location or mini-moon destination name, rather than honeymoon-specific keywords. You’ll still find many of the same perks (champagne, chocolates, flowers, and other romantic additions) without the expectation of a longer stay.

Stay home.


Romantic Mini Moon Ideas

Literally, at your own home! Take a few days off work, turn off your phones, let friends and family know you’ll be off the grid, and simply enjoy each other in the comfort of your own space! When’s the last time you got to stay in your own bed as long as you wanted….for multiple days in a row? You won’t have another excuse anytime soon, so take advantage of it now!