Should You Honeymoon at Your Wedding Destination

Destination weddings are a perfect opportunity to combine a celebratory life event and a fantastic trip somewhere out of the ordinary. Whether you’re planning to tie the knot at an exotic international location or simply a destination a few hours away, there’s sure to be no shortage of fun things to do and see — which bears the question: Should you just skip a step and honeymoon at your wedding destination?

It’s certainly a viable possibility, one that many couples opt for! But there are some drawbacks as well. Here’s are a few pros and cons to help make the very best decision for you and your fiance.

Pros to a Honeymoon at Your Wedding Destination

  • Many destinations offer all-inclusive packages that give a discount when you book both a wedding and a honeymoon at the same time. Even if reduced rates aren’t advertised for your chosen destination, it never hurts to ask if there is a discount you can take advantage of when booking!
  • If you choose to honeymoon at the same place you get married, you’ll only pay for travel expenses once. That’s potentially thousands of dollars saved that you can put towards another part of your honeymoon (or save for when real life starts up again back home).
  • Let’s face it — airports aren’t exactly the most relaxing, stress-free environments. If you want to soak up your first days as newlyweds enjoying yourself instead of going through the hassle of traveling back home (or traveling to a different destination entirely), it may be worth it to stick around your wedding destination for a honeymoon after the big day.

Should You Honeymoon at Your Wedding Destination

Cons to a Honeymoon at Your Wedding Destination

  • You’re thrilled that friends and family will be joining you at your wedding destination, but they may be planning to extend their stay and turn it into a vacation, too. That’s a great opportunity they should be excited to take advantage of, but you may feel obligated to interact and entertain rather than spend time with your new spouse. Be sure to consider your own tendencies if you anticipate friends and family will be in the same area during your honeymoon!
  • If you honeymoon at your destination, you only get one trip (and it will likely involve a lot of extra planning and details rather than being strictly for pleasure). If you save your honeymoon trip for a few months later, you can experience a second destination without the added stress of an event.
  • You’ll have way more to pack. You’ll have plenty you’ll want to remember for the wedding itself, and adding on a honeymoon packing list to your suitcase may create more stress than you want to deal with. Streamline your suitcase by separating the destination wedding from the honeymoon.

Can’t decide? Pack up after the wedding and make just a short trip to a nearby destination! My husband and I got married on the Gulf Coast of Florida, then took a short plane ride to an out island in the Bahamas for a few days. It was relatively inexpensive and more relaxing than jetting off to some distant destination. We saved the big adventure honeymoon to Costa Rica for 1.5 years later!

Whether you choose to honeymoon at your wedding destination or another location entirely, the most important thing to remember is to be present and soak up this once-in-a-lifetime experience! Do that, and location won’t matter nearly as much.

Should You Honeymoon at Your Wedding Destination

What’s your take? Is it better to combine the destination wedding and the honeymoon, or should couples separate the two? Sound off in the comments!